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Our Introduction

The Best Part Time
Cleaners In Singapore

United Channel Employment Agency is an award-winning maid agency in Singapore. However, do you know that, we also specialize in providing cleaning service to all in Singapore?

Our cleaning services are extended to both Residential and Commercial clients. We cover cleaning services such as carpet cleaning, contract cleaning for homes or offices, vacuum services, festive season cleaning and other general cleaning services.

Why Part Time Maid?

  • Hiring a full-time maid involves tedious process.
  • Staying with a full-time maid requires a certain level of commitment and effort.
  • Since part-time maid is not going to stay with you, its cheaper alternative.
  • You can also save more since you don’t need to hire a part-time maid everyday
  • Since part-time maids are being paid hourly, You can also expect them to complete the household chores more efficiently.
  • Hiring a part-time maid provides greater flexibility

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Discover the Great Benefits of Our Skills

Our cleaning services are thorough, consistent and customized. If you would like to request a special service, change your cleaning schedule.

Сleaning 90%
Organization 80%

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We have a well trained, reliable, hardworking part time cleaning team.

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Our cleaners are fully trained on safety measurements. Have a peace of mind!

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Let us keep your home/office sparkling clean at all times!

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